Frequently Asked Questions

Patole is a private surf community, perfect for the surfer who wants to do that surgical strike for just a few days at a time. The travel time is so fast and easy from California.


Getting There

Closest airports?

The city of Mazatlán is about 30 minutes away, but the airport is about a 1 hour drive. About 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Culiacan Airport.

There is a private runway on the property next door, ie; fly down on your private plane and pull into your own hanger attached to your house?

How often are there flights?

Both airports have many flights each day. Flights into Culiacan are very inexpensive.

What is the road like?

It’s a newer quality toll road, basically all the way to either the Culiacan or Mazatlán airports. Then about 5 minutes of a gravel and dirt road into our community.


The Area

Where is the property?

Is the area safe? I have heard bad things about Sinaloa.

The community will be gate guarded. Since we have almost 500 acres, others are kept out by natural barriers. After you get off the plane and you drive down the safe toll road, past our gates into the community, it is very safe. The danger is like saying East Los Angeles is dangerous, therefore living in a gated community in San Diego is dangerous. Almost all the conflict was gang members on gang members (power struggles), not on tourists, and hundreds of miles away.

How close is the closest store?

About a 10 – 15 minute drive.



How consistent is the wave?

It has enough size almost every day there is almost any south swell in the water.


Never seen any. There is no sewer or river close by – not much of a population.

What is the bottom like?

Sand bottom point break.

Do you ever hit bottom?

Very rarely.

I see rocks in the videos?

That is on the inside only, not where you surf.

How often is it glassy or offshore?

Almost every morning.

Is the wave hollow or mushy?

It changes – often both. Being it is a sand bottom point break.

Does it break at all tides?

Usually, best on a low tide, but not always, depends on the sand and the swell direction and the size, but usually breaks on all tides.

If the winds are south east, is it offshore inside the point?


Can people walk in?

Basically no. We own about 2 miles of beach frontage and there is almost no access on either side (no roads). To walk in is almost impossible because of a headland and rocks on the beach. Inland wise – with 500 acres and the heat and bush or farming, no way.

Jet skis?

Perfect for jet skis or boat assist after the long ride.



What else is there to do?

All the tourist adventures in the world Class resort city of Mazatlán. Fishing, tequila farm tours and tours of Nati’s (Mexican partner) chicken farm.

How long does it take to drive to the Mazatlán tourist strip and golf courses?

About 30 minutes.

How is the fishing?

Very good!!! Similar to Cabo. The surf camp has a sports fishing boat as well as charters available in Mazatlan. There is also world class fresh water bass fishing at El Salto and Picachos about 40 minutes away. El Salto was number 1 in the world for years and is now number 5 in the world. On top of that, there is excellent surf fishing directly out front (fishing from the beach and rocks).

What if my family likes horses?

Many of our lots are big enough for horses. Plus, we presently own just under 500 acres; the riding trails are fantastic. Additionally, we can sell anyone more land at a nominial price.

What if I want to have a farm?

We have tons of extra land at almost no cost, if desired.


The Lots

What is the price of a lot?

Estimate sales price of $1 million US dollars.

What do I get with my purchase?

The lot and a 5% ownership interest in the surf camp. The 5% ownership interest times 13 lot owners, will own a majority of the surf camp and can tell the surf camp that it must now go to the 30 other surf spots in the area. The 5% ownership interest should spin off positive cash flow, offsetting some costs of owning the lot. Ownership interest in the surf camp allows you to drop by and jump on a boat to go surf another spot with the camp, or jump on the special fishing boat, stop by and eat a meal and hang out, if so desired. The surf camp is about a 25 minute car ride from Patole.
Each lot will have water and electricity stubbed to site. Ie; there will be a central clean water system, common to all 13 owners.

Will there be an HOA fee?

Yes, but offset by the cash flow from owning 5% of the surf camp.

Is there a broker commission offered?

2%, or if no broker, take it off the price.

Can I get title insurance?

You should be able to. We have good title to the land.

Can I get a loan?

I don’t know, but if so, I hear Mexico loans have bad rates and terms.

Will seller carry?


How do I build my house?

You can build yourself, or recommended, Nati, the Mexican part owner, can build you a house. He has built many houses in the past. Nati can build inexpensively and good quality. Also, if more than one is being built at once, it can be even less expensive. Cost to build for labor should be way less expensive then in the United States. Materials should be less expensive, unless you want to import from the US. Permit, city, development, and inspection fees and costs should be almost non existent. 

Rules, or projected rules?

No one can surf at the point unless the owner is there.
No more than 3 surfing guests at a time at the house. As many non surfing guests as you want.
If the surfer is a beginner, ie; not getting waves on the outside, this surfer doesn’t count as one of the 3.
No more then two designated main owners per lot, from the point of view of who can brings guests down with them.
No rentals allowed during the surf season.

What will be done with most of the rest of the land?


Who will own the 13th lot?

Me. Don.